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Turquoise Class

Our family collective celebration is on the 22nd of November.

We can’t wait to show you our learning so far!


Our PE Days are Monday and Friday.

We visit the Library on Wednesday.

Welcome to Turquoise Class!

Miss Wilson is the teacher in Turquoise Class and Mrs Kotch is the LSA. 

Mrs Lucas and Miss Thorne are the 1:1s for a child in the class in the morning and afternoon.



New Forest Wildlife Park


We had a lovely time at the New Forest Wildlife Park on Thursday and learnt lots about all the interesting animals there. After a tour of the animals, we experienced workshops on Hobbit the owl, hedgehogs and learnt about different deer antlers and bird eggs. Turquoise class were very respectful at the park and earned two marbles towards their reward time. Mrs Kotch and I are very proud of them.

A big thank you to all our adult helpers on the day who made this trip not only possible, but truly a wonderful and engaging experience for all the children






Simon Chadwick's Illustrations

On Monday 7th of October we were visited by the author Simon Chadwick. We listened to his book 'New Forest Friends and the Litterbugs'  and learnt about his poetry. Simon came into Turquoise Class and taught us how to draw an illustration of a hedgehog using shapes, numbers and letters.

The children really enjoyed creating a new animal with Simon which they named the 'Goldwish'.

Picture 1
Picture 2