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As a Rights Respecting School we believe that...

Children have lots of questions about the world around us and at Freegrounds, our aim is to provide them with the necessary core scientific knowledge and investigative skills to answer their questions about those processes.


We recognise that children live in an age of fast-moving science  and we believe that this area of learning is fundamental to exploring, understanding and influencing the world in which we live. It offers a wealth of experiences and ideas that encourage children’s natural curiosity and creativity, inspiring awe and wonder. Science supports the development of technology and advances in technology lead to new scientific discoveries, shaping how we live safe and healthy lives in our rapidly changing society.


In EYFS, Science is part of the Understanding the World.  The children use their discovery time (child initiated play) and are supported by the adults to learn about the World around them.  In KS1, Science is taught as part of our exciting, integrated curriculum.  We are confident that our approach enthuses children and leads to some exciting Science learning because it enables our children to apply their core scientific knowledge and skills in a range of contexts related to their everyday lives.   Children tackle problems, form questions, generate and test ideas and designs and decide how to seek solutions. They gather and make sense of evidence, test out hypotheses and evaluate processes and outcomes. They learn the possibilities of science, design and technology, inspiring them to become the scientists, engineers, designers and innovators of the future and how to be informed citizens responsive to the needs of others and the world in which they live.  The work they produce could include posing and designing investigations to answer them,  writing a letter to a builder recommending a roof material or informing a Super hero about a good diet to keep their powers of strength and speed.    We additionally use our vast school environment at every opportunity.  We bring in outside experts such as the Space dome to motivate the children and provide a number of educational visits to places such as Beaulieu Motor Museum, Blue Reef Aquarium and Longdown Activity Farm to support the children's learning.

Science Policy

Our Science coverage in Key Stage 1.

Health and safety in Science.

Our Science investigation symbols.

Working Scientifically skill progression

Mystery seeds!

Year 1 Plants

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We used the Chatterpix app to share our learning about parts of plants and trees.

How plants grow from seeds storyboards.

EYFS Discovery Time!

Science in Year 1

Recording in Year 1.

Animals and their habitats Year 2

Early Years trip to Longdown Activity Farm

Seasonal Change Winter Poems

Year 1 are very excited about our bird feeder investigation. We want to find out which colour birds like best. We made these bird feeders and hung them in a tree on the field. We have made predictions and are looking forward to finding out the results.

Year 1 Seasonal Change - Autumn.

Year 1 Autumn home learning.

Growing plants.

We enjoyed learning about plants in Year 1. We found that we already knew quite a lot and worked together to find out more. We did some online research about plants to find out about the different parts, how seeds grow into seedlings and then plants and made lots of observations. The teachers were really impressed with our plasticene plants because we included los of detail and we explained the changes that happen as plants grow too. We asked lots of questions about plants and planned some investigations.  In Orange class we wanted to know if bigger plants really grew from big seeds. We planned how to find out the answer and made some predictions. We decided to watch our seeds over a few weeks and we made a table to record our observations. We were amazed at what we found out. Once we had some seedlings to observe we realised that we needed to measure them to ensure our results were accurate. Mrs Jones took our plants home over Easter. We can't wait to see how they have changed....

Year 1 home learning - winter poems.

Science around our school

Oh what a busy day...discovery time observations in EYFS.

Nest Cam - Coal Tit