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School Lunches

“Good food provision in schools has been shown to lead not only to healthier children, but to improved attainment.”


At Freegrounds Infant School we understand a healthy balanced diet is kept to an individual fulfilling his or her full potential in life. We believe it is important to enjoy a varied and interesting diet while understanding that certain food groups should be eaten in moderation.


If your child is new to school lunches, they may feel a little uncertain, but you can help them to be prepared. 

Look through the menu together, as them to choose their favourites and point out the kind of things that you know they usually like to eat. Try new things at home to help them become used to trying different foods. 



Sustainability is one of our core values - we recognise that our activities can affect the environment and so we do what we can to minimise the impact. 

This includes phasing out single use plastics, using environmentally friendly disposables and cleaning products, offering non meat proteins and seasonal fruit and vegetables. 


Why school meals are great

Lunchtime is an important part of a child's school day, giving pupils a break with friends and the chance to recharge their batteries. But why should you choose a school meal? Take a look at the ten great reasons we have come up with!

  1. School meals are delicious, healthy, safe, varied and could be free!
  2. Measures have been taken around staff training and enhanced cleaning to ensure our dinners continue to be safe.
  3. It would save you hours making packed lunches for your child!
  4. Children receiving Free School Meals have exactly the same choice and no-one will know that your child's meal is free. 
  5. You can see the menus and choices online and on the app, so you know exactly what they'll be eating.
  6. The school catering team us fully trained and ready to cater for children with allergies or other diets. 
  7. School meals help encourage good eating habits from an early age and provide the opportunity to further develop their social skills as they sit down with friends to enjoy their meals. 
  8. There are plenty of opportunities to try new foods and fussy eaters are much more likely to try something different if their friends are eating the same meal as they are. 
  9. If you are entitled to Free School Meals it is easy to apply. 
  10. You'll be supporting the school too. Schools receive extra Government funding for every child who is claiming Free School Meals. This money can be used to pay for more books, computers and much more!


If your child does prefer to bring in a packed lunch this needs to be provided in a suitable named lunchbox along with an ice pack as the school building is always warm and we do not have the facility to refrigerate all the lunches. You are encouraged to pack a healthy meal for your child. Please also note that our school is nut free so we ask that nothing containing nuts is packed in lunchboxes as this could pose a potential serious risk to a number of children that have nut allergies.


Should your child have a special dietary requirement please notify the school office who will be happy to assist.


Here are some suggestions for a lunchbox

Some families provide us with information on their data collection sheet, that their child has a beef free diet, pork free diet, are vegetarian or have intolerances. (This is a lifestyle choice rather than a medical dietary requirement.) If this is the case please select a suitable choice for you child from the menu. 

Don't think that your child can't enjoy our great food if they have a special diet - this is an important part of our catering service. We can provide food if they have an intolerance, an allergy, or require an alternative choice due to religious beliefs.

Aspens already caters for lots of children with allergies, we have robust food safety procedures an our staff has regular allergen and food safety training. It is still important that parents talk to us so we can work together and continue to provide meals that are safe for their child to eat.

If your child has a diagnosis of an allergy from their GP please complete the above form and return to the school office who will submit this to Aspens. They will then contact us with their personalised menu which we will share with you once we have received it.

For further information please visit Aspens website:


If you do not choose to register, you take responsibility for your child’s choice and we strongly recommend that you consult with the school who will be able to make contact with Aspens. 

Please see below our whole school food policy. 

Ordering your child's lunch

We are delighted to inform you that after February half term we are introducing a new online ordering system. The purpose of this system means that you ca:

  • Order your child/children's preferred meal choice in advance
  • Order a day at a time, per week or even for a month in advance
  • You can register more than one child per school

It is important that you order your child's meal prior to 8.30am each day. This will not only ensure they receive lunch each day but also a meal of their choice avoiding disappointment and ensuring they are energised and ready to learn during their afternoon sessions.


Your child will have brought home with them a letter detailing the school code and their unique child code. With these codes please visit the Aspens Select Website using this link to set up an account.


Aspens, Great tasting food that your children will love


Aspens is the company chosen by your school to provide the meal service for its pupils and we are looking forward to welcoming your child for their school lunches. We are experts in school catering and have years of experience when it comes to school food. 

The food children eat at school plays an important role in their wellbeing and eating a well-balanced diet will not only maintain and improve their health but will also set them on the right track for later life. We understand this and that's why we are passionate about serving fresh, high quality and locally sourced food that is cooked in our kitchen. 


Knowing where your food comes from

We take our responsibility of catering for today's children and young adults seriously. All of our dishes are prepared every day using quality, fresh and seasonal ingredients that are responsibly sourced. Our supply chain is traceable, so we can ensure the provenance of all produce. 

Our dishes are created and served by experienced and enthusiastic staff. As well as ensuring the food on the plate is healthy, we want our customers to understand the importance of eating the right foods and help them with their food and nutrition journey.


Our fantastic food

We don't only create delicious favourite dishes from home and around the world, we make it fun!

We aim to make lunchtime the best time of the day and it definitely is when we hold one of our regular theme dates! Planned to link in to the school calendar or seasonal healthy food initiatives, our staff may dress up and decorate the counter to serve something deliciously different on the menu - it's the stuff of great school food memories!


Free tasty lunches!

All children that are in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are currently entitled to receive UNIVERSAL FREE SCHOOL MEALS! We this is a fantastic idea so please make sure you support this initiative. Not only will you be saving money, but you will also be giving your child a nutritionally balanced meal to fuel their bodies for the the rest of the learning day. 

Please note this is not to be confused with FREE SCHOOL MEALS which is an entitlement that some children can receive due to their parents/carer's circumstances. If you feel you may be entitled to receive FREE SCHOOL MEALS, you should request the relevant forms from your school office or look at this website: