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Primary School entry to Year R in September 2021


If your child was born between 1 September 2017 and 31 August 2018, they are due to start school in the school year beginning September 2022. 

Admission to a Year R class is not automatic. 

Application opens from TBC to midnight on TBC. 


To make an application between these dates go to: Hampshire County Council Year R application


Hampshire County Council School Catchment finder


Should you wish to complete a paper application, please telephone 01489 782075 to request a form.

Should you require any advice on admission arrangements then please contact the Admissions team at Hampshire County Council directly on 0300 555 1377.


Notifications to parents offering a primary or infant school place will be sent by the County Council on TBC.


Infant to Junior Transfer 2022


If your child is currently in Year 2 you will be required to make an application for a place to the Junior School as the transfer is not automatic.  The dates and procedure for this process is the same for an application for a place in Year R above.


To make a Year 3 application: Hampshire County Council applying for a junior place (Year 3)


In Year Transfers


If your child is already at school and you wish to transfer to Freegrounds Infant School, please contact the school office for information regarding the availability of places and then apply online via Hampshire County Council Admissions Department.


To make an in year application: Hampshire County Council In Year Application

School Tours for prospective parents starting September 2022

If your child is due to start school September 2022 we will be conducting a short presentation, the opportunity to look into some classrooms, an external tour and the opportunity to ask any questions you may have. This will last approximately 45 minutes. Spaces are limited on each tour as we would like to be able to maintain social distancing. For this reason also, we ask that only one parent per family attends, and if you need to bring siblings along we ask that they either remain sat on your lap or in a buggy. Please see below the dates and times available, if you would like to book a space please call the school office on 01489 782075 or email


Wednesday 3rd November at 10am


Friday 5th November at 10am


Tuesday 9th November at 9.30am


Friday 12th November at 9.30am and 11am


Friday 19th November at 10am