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“At Freegrounds Infant School we are ‘building the future together’ and believe that an exciting and stimulating curriculum, that incorporates the use of the latest technology, will create motivated,   independent learners.

Led through a cohesive project approach, and high quality inclusive teaching, computing skills and technology will be embedded in all areas of the curriculum. Children will learn to use skills and apply them to be effective communicators, problem solvers and to know how to keep safe in an ever changing world.”



In Freegrounds Infant School we use a range of teaching and learning styles when teaching technology, we teach stand-alone computing and E-Safety lessons but we also mainly teach technology in a project approach, linking computing skills and learning into other subjects to aid a real life approach to using technology. An example of this is in using technology to aid Year Two’s research about Brilliant Brazil. There are a range of ways we use and teach this subject, these include activities such as group and class discussions, investigations, the use of games, problem-solving activities all whilst designing, researching, exploring and evaluating using technology and linked to the main topic the year groups are looking at that half term.  


Every time we use technology, we also explicitly teach the children how to be safe online, following ‘an education for a connected world’. This teaches children many ways of staying safe when handling and using technology. This is started from EYFS and continued to Year 2 so children know not to share their password and many other ways of keeping themselves and others safe. The key message throughout all the E-safety is who to tell if the children see something they are not comfortable with.


We encourage pupils to take ownership over the technology and the work they are producing. In Freegrounds we believe it is important to ensure that children have as many opportunities as possible to use technology to be skilled, confident and careful when growing up in a world of technology.



What does that look like in each year group?

Teaching and Learning 


Computing is available and can be seen in many areas of our EYFS classrooms. Due to the 2021 EYFS curriculum update, computing is now not a specific a EYFS learning area but we feel it is important to expose children to different technologies. This could be the interactive whiteboard where the children independently choose lunches or using talking tins in their Role Play Area. We introduced remote controlled vehicles to explore spaces both indoors and outdoors and to support the foundations of the children building their own algorithms. The children have then shown increased confidence within using a range of technologies in a range of topics to support and aid their future learning.



Computing and technology is taught every half termly within Year One and Year Two. These lessons have specifically been designed to ensure the children are achieving the age related expectations taken from the Nation Curriculum and the skills required but which also link to the topics they are looking at in their year groups. These cover skills such as research, design, coding, word processing, graphics and data handling. As discussed above this is all taught alongside E-safety in which we have linked ‘an education to a connected world’ into our teaching. This means the children get exposed to a range of skills and technologies whilst having the confidence and skills to be safe using them.

Computing provision at Freegrounds Infant School.

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