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Who's Who

Meet the staff at our school!

Headteacher - Mrs Riches  

Deputy Headteacher - Mr Bradley

Inclusion Manager - Mrs Watkins

Our Early Years Team
Yellow class -    Miss Pyatt and Mrs Kelly
Blue Class -       Mrs Jones and Mrs Taylor
Red Class -        Miss Seed (Assistant Headteacher), Mrs Rigby and Mrs Giles 

Our Year 1 Team
Purple class -      Miss Webb and Mrs Abraham
Green class -      Mrs Lane (Year Group Leader) and Mrs Ratcliffe
Orange class -    Mrs Jones, Mrs du Preez and Mrs Sims
                                additional LSA support - Mrs Ashbolt

Our Year 2 Team
Scarlet class -    Mr Quinn and  Mrs Broomfield
Emerald class -   Miss Jounet and Mrs Dore

Turquoise class - Miss Emery, Mrs York and Mrs Killick.

                                 additional LSA support - Mrs White

Our Office Team
Mrs Lindsay Grimwood     - Admin Officer
Mrs Nikki Bendell             - Admin Assistant 

Our Lunchtime Staff
Mrs Dore          Lunchtime Coordinator 

Mrs Firth

Mrs Ashbolt

Mrs Edgecock

Mrs Wetton

Mrs White

Mrs Seymour

Miss Chaney

Mrs Abbott

Mrs Gunn

Site Manager
Mr Ray Southern      - Site Manager