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Welcome to Purple Class!

                Miss Webb is the teacher in Purple Class. Mrs Abraham is the LSA.         


This half term our topic is called 'Under the Sea!'

It started with a splash as we explored Blue Reef Aquarium, we enjoyed developing our geography knowledge as we thought about human and physical features along the coast.


Check back in to see where our topic takes us!


Other news:

After half term we were thrilled to see that our class tadpoles had turned into froglets. Lots have now developed into the final stage of their life cycle and become frogs! We have now counted 6 frogs but still have around 10 froglets! We are very excited and happy to see the life cycle that we had researched happen in front of our very eyes!



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How you can help your child with phonics (learning letter sounds)?

At Freegrounds Infant School we follow the government document, Letters and Sounds. Letters and Sounds is based upon 6 phases in which children progress through. Within these phases children begin to identify and recognise individual sounds, begin to hear sounds within words by sounding them out and then use these skills to support their reading and writing. We teach these letter sounds in a specific order through phases. We also use the Ruth Miskin scheme ‘Read, Write Inc’ to support the teaching of phonics.

It is important to note that the sounds that we teach are not the letter names which would be said when saying the alphabet. To hear the pure sounds we teach please click here.

In order to support your child progress in phonics and, in turn, reading and writing , we have provided some links below to websites that you can access with your child at home to support their learning. Your child may be familiar with some of the games.



If you would like more information about the different phases that your child progresses through, or about the particular phase your child is on, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s class teacher. Also please check your child’s phonic folder to find out which particular sounds they are currently learning.